How to Save Streams on Twitch?

Twitch has grown very popular amongst people. This is due to its usage range. People of every age group can easily use Twitch. The platform has entertaining content for every person willing to pay a minimum amount to Twitch as a fee for getting such entertaining videos.

Twitch is an online live video streaming platform. People from all around the globe make videos that other people from around find attractive and entertaining. So as Twitch is an online live streaming application, what happens when the person who wanted to see your video missed it. People can likely miss the most awaited video.

There is a solution to this problem; as Twitch is a very up-to-date app, it never misses an opportunity to impress its customer base. Therefore, it has introduced the future of VODs.

VODs are the video on demand. This feature is one of the best features of Twitch. Here a streamer can save their video for the later use of their subscribers or fans. This is a specific feature, but sometimes people new on Twitch might miss it. If you want to know more about VODs, keep reading.

Why is VOD a critical feature?

VODs help a streamer make their fans or followers feel heard. If due, a loyal follower cannot watch the live stream for some reason. They may feel left out. This can turn them out and make them feel unwanted. But VODs, you can help these followers have easy access to your content. As a twitch streamer, your immediate plan is to make your content more appreciated and accessible. The VODs option helps you in making it more reachable by the people. 

How can you save your live streams on Twitch?

Twitch is a great application that provides you with the scope of personalization and customization you need. Here also, Twitch can save your live streams automatically. This is valid only when you have manually enabled the option of keeping your Twitch live streams in your VODs panel.

Let us now see what is needed to save all the live streams automatically.

  • Firstly, you need to open your twitch app in your browser and log into your account. This should be the account of which you want to save the live streams.
  • Now, when you are logged into your account, you will be able to see your avatar on the top right corner of your screen.
  • When you click on the “avatar,” a menu with a list of options is available. Now you can select the “creator dashboard” option from so many personalization options.
  • After this, you will be able to see the panel full of options to change the setting of your twitch account. From this panel, you need to select the “setting” option.
  • After selecting the setting, you will see the dropdown menu of the settings tab; from that, select the “stream” option.
  • From here, you will find a section on “VOD settings.” Select this option. Once selected now, you need to activate the “store past broadcasts” option. You can turn the switch on by sliding it to the opposite side.

After doing all this, now, you will have options available to you when you end a live stream. Your every live stream will be saved on the twitch server. However, this saving feature is temporary. Your video is not saved forever. It depends on whether you have a twitch turbo or prime gaming subscription. If you are a standard user, this video will be saved for only fourteen days and automatically deleted after the period expires. Your videos will be held on the twitch server for around two months if you have subscriptions. 

After successfully saving your live streams on Twitch, now comes the option of viewing these saved videos.

Where to find these saved live streams on Twitch?

Twitch provides an excellent experience to all its customers. Therefore, it allows you to save and download your videos. With this feature, you can edit and reupload your videos. You can also post your material on your other social media accounts and youtube. Now let us see how to find out the saved video after turning on the “store your past broadcasts” option.

  • As before, log into your account, and you will see your avatar in the top right corner.
  • Click on the avatar, and you will find the ” channel ” option there.
  • There you will find all your videos uploaded on your channel.
  • You can click on the “edit videos” option to access the “video producer” tab.
  • You need to click on the three dots option next to “watch.” Then tap the download option in the dropdown menu. The video will take some time to process.

Once it is downloaded, you can do whatever you want with your video.

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