Nothing OS vs Oxygen OS: Which Operating System Is Better?

We’ll compare Nothing OS vs Oxygen OS so that you can see how each fits into your everyday life. Oxygen OS is the most like stock Android, while One UI is the opposite. The OnePlus 9RT changes the order of some headers and makes a few other minor changes. The Nothing Phone 1, on the other hand, is based on Android 12, but its user interface is Nothing OS. Let’s look at how the two OS in the article are different and which one is better.

Nothing OS Vs Oxygen OS: Key Features

1. Automatic turn on

OnePlus turns itself on by itself. On the other hand, if the Nothing Phone 1 is turned off, it can’t turn on by itself. And unfortunately, there’s no way to turn it on right now.

2. Always-on display

AOD on OnePlus is pretty well set up, and you can change clocks to be analogue, digital, or text. Nothing, on the other hand, doesn’t make you AOD.

3. Fingerprint animation

Both phones have a fingerprint sensor built into the screen. But the OnePlus has more cool animations, and you can change them whenever you want. On the other hand, there are no animations on the Nothing Phone 1.

4. Lock screen button

The OnePlus 9RT has better and different lock screen buttons than the Nothing Phone 1.

5. Home screen

Taking a look at the home screens of both phones, the Nothing Phone 1’s is very simple, while the 9RT’s can be changed more than the Nothing Phone 1’s. Oxygen OS has a lot more features than Nothing OS. You can turn on shelf, change how apps are laid out, use quick search gestures, and so on.

6. Control center

Nothing Phone 1 is based on Android 12 and has a great Control Center with advanced features. The OnePlus 9RT, on the other hand, is based on Android 11.

7. App drawer

Oxygen OS has a much better app drawer than Nothing OS. It also has better features that will help you in real life. Voice search and hidden space are some of the features. On the other hand, these things aren’t on Nothing Phone 1.

8. Ads and Bloat

You won’t have to worry about ads and unnecessary apps on either phone. Also, users won’t have to deal with too much junk on either of the devices.

9. HDR support

Both of these phones can use HDR. But Nothing phone 1 has support for HDR. But it still doesn’t work with HDR when using Netflix.

10. Call recording

One of the most important features of Android phones is the ability to record calls. Also, you can easily use this feature on either of these phones.

11. Software

Nothing Phone 1, which just came out, has promised that users will get software updates for three years and security patches for four years.

12. Dual apps

Dual apps are just as important for Android users as the ability to record calls. This will definitely be a part of Oxygen OS. On the other hand, it can’t be done on Nothing OS.

13. Optimised night charging

This Oxygen OS feature is very helpful for making the battery last longer. However, Nothing OS doesn’t have this feature.

Exclusive features

To be fair, the Nothing OS is pretty simple, and their devices won’t be able to be changed in any way other than the glyph interface. But Oxygen OS has a lot of features that other OS’s don’t have, like expandable RAM, gestures to turn off the screen, and gestures to take a screenshot.

Final Verdict: Which OS is better?

In general, Oxygen OS has more features than the Nothing OS. Oxygen OS will give users more features and a familiar user interface. But the Nothing OS has software that is clean and bold. Now, Oxygen OS is a better choice for you if you want more features. But Nothing OS is the better choice if you want a clean interface. You can also look at the video on YouTube.

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