Reviews of the X Rocker Gaming Chair

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The X Rocker 5172601 Gaming Chair might be the best gaming chair on the market right now. People who like to play video games and have used this gaming chair can probably back up this claim. The chair is made with the most creativity and skill so that it is comfortable, easy to use, and reliable, not just for playing video games but also for watching TV, listening to music, reading, and relaxing.

This X Rocker is a gadget that many people who like to play games need to have. If your goal was to find a great gaming chair at a price you can afford, this article on the X Rocker 5172601 Gaming Chair should help you a lot. In this X Rocker Gaming Chair reviews, we’ll talk about what we think are the most popular features of this gaming chair and then find out why people like it so much.

Best Audio Experience

Think about playing your favourite video game all night on a 3D widescreen TV. A gaming chair that lets you not only hear but also feel the sounds of the game. This X Rocker gives you the latest sound¬†technology that will make you feel like you’re really hanging out with all the excitement that comes with it.

Two multi channel speakers hidden in the headrest of the X Rocker and a strong subwoofer that use Ace Bayou’s well-known 2.1 Audio Force Modulation (AFM) Technology deliver great sound. This technology puts two speakers and ported power subwoofers in the empty space in the X Rocker user’s body to improve the sound quality and volume of the user’s audio experience.

High Levels of Reliability and Convenience

If you’ve ever stayed in the same position for a long time, you know how important ergonomics are when it comes to playing video games. I never get bored or tired of playing the most popular games, and I think that’s true for most people who like to play video games. Using the wrong gaming chair with bad ergonomics can mess up your body by making you have bad posture, which can cause pain and other health risks.

The best thing about the X Rocker is that it is made in a way that is good for your body. It has a base that raises and lets you tilt and swivel for maximum comfort, a padded heavy-duty backrest and headrest, and gunstock arms that provide the best support and stability you could ever need. These also have the highest levels of comfort and style, which are what most people look for in a good gaming chair.

Simple And Straightforward Access Controls

A good gaming chair has controls that are easy to use and easy to get to, so that users can change them even in the middle of a game. This X Rocker gaming chair has controls that are easy to use, easy to reach, and well organized. This means that anyone, no matter how experienced they are with gaming chairs, can use it.

It has separate bass and volume controls, as well as input and output jacks that let you connect it to other audio sources and other X Rockers for games with more than one player. There is also a wireless receiver built into the X Rocker 517260. In the box, you’ll find your wireless transmitter, which can send audio from any source with an RCA output to your gaming chair or headset. Also, RCA cables are included in the box in case you don’t want to use the wireless transmission.

The Specifications of a X Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth

If you want a quick run-through of the features, specs, and benefits of a good chair, the list below will likely be helpful.

X Rocker Gaming Chair with Speakers:

A video game chair that looks like a race car seat can be used to play games, watch movies and TV, listen to music, read, or just relax.

Immersive Media:

Two speakers that face forward and a powerful subwoofer give you great sound and a low rumble that makes your game, movie, or music more exciting.

Wireless Bluetooth Receiver:

Built into the chair so that any Bluetooth device can play music wirelessly.

Comfortable Design:

The backrest and arms are padded to make gaming more comfortable.


It works with most gaming devices and systems, smart devices, TV, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and MP3 players. It can hold up to 275 lbs.

What People Have to Say About This Gaming Chair

You can hear what other people who have bought this chair have to say about it to show you that you won’t be making a mistake if you choose to buy it. Since it was put on, the X Rocker 5172601 Gaming Chair has been reviewed 195 times. The average score for this X Rocker from customer reviews is 4.2 out of 5. The reviews fall into the following groups: 102 reviewers gave it 5 stars, 51 gave it 4 stars, 23 gave it 3 stars, 9 gave it 2 stars, and only 10 out of 195 thought it wasn’t good enough and gave it a meagre 1 star.

This means that a lot of gamers are happy with the chair and would therefore recommend it. Most of them say that it has great ergonomics and, as a result, is comfortable and stable, that it can be connected to a wireless receiver, that it has great audio output, that it is easy and quick to set up, and that it is durable. Some people also like that the prices are fair.

Disadvantages of X Rocker Gaming Chair

Overall, very few people had nothing good to say about this chair. Even the people who didn’t like it said it was good. Users often say that the chair isn’t good for big people because it’s not comfortable enough. Even if this is true, the chair can still hold the weight of any adult. However, very heavy people might want to ask the company to make a chair that can hold their size.


If you were looking for a gaming chair that could change the way you play games, this is the best choice. You can enjoy a gaming experience that is close to real life, a high level of comfort and stability, great connectivity, and easy controls. If you buy the X Rocker 517260, your money will be well spent.

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