SmiHub Review: Detailed Analysis of the Instagram Story Viewer and Anonymous Downloader

SmiHub is a website with many popular tools for analyzing Instagram users, also known as dumpoir. People can look at different parts of Instagram profiles, such as videos, photos, reels, stories, friends, and comments.

One big benefit is that you can look at everything on Instagram without giving your name. Users can also download photos, videos, stories, and clips. This lets them get ideas for what to post on social media or make a collection of things they like and want to look at again.

Since it started in October 2018, SmiHub has become a useful tool for people who want to watch Instagram stories secretly and download and save content and posts for later use.

Key Features of SmiHub Aka Dumpoir: What Does It Offer?

In this part, we’ll look at the main features that have made SmiHub so popular as an open-source platform that lets people browse the web anonymously. Here are the most important parts:

User-friendly interface:

SmiHub has a simple design that makes it easy for everyone to use.

Social media analytics:

SmiHub offers social media analytics for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok, in addition to Instagram.

Anonymous photo and video viewing:

On SmiHub, users can look at pictures and videos without leaving any sign of who they are. you can try one of the following websites that are similar to SmiHub but have more features and options this is Imginn.

Content downloading:

SmiHub has a video downloader and a photo downloader that make it easy for users to save material for later use.

Private Instagram story viewer:

It gives people a private Instagram story viewer that lets them look at Instagram stories without being seen.

News and updates:

SmiHub also has a lot of news articles about major social media sites like Instagram. These articles give useful information about how Instagram accounts are used, how other Instagram users use their accounts, and how Instagram content can be viewed anonymously.

SmiHub (Dumpoir): Free or Paid?

The good news is that’s services can be used for free, without having to pay anything.

For example, if you want to save video reels so you can watch them later, you can just click the download button and the movies will be saved on your device.

You can also learn a lot about creating high-quality content and building a strong Instagram plan to get more followers by looking at tips and reading stories about Instagram and social media news.

It lets you look at your rivals’ Instagram accounts and see what they’re doing. This helps you better understand your target audience and come up with unique content that makes you stand out on the platform.

SmiHub is also free to use, so all you have to do is go to the website and start using its features. You can’t change your plan, so it’s great for analyzing an Instagram account without revealing who you are.

How to Download Instagram Videos or Stories from SmiHub (

Step 1: Visit the official website

Use your chosen web browser to go to the site, which is now called

Step 2: Search for the Instagram account

On the SmiHub site, look for the search bar and type in the username of the Instagram account whose videos or stories you want to download.

Step 3: Initiate the search

To start the search, press the “Enter” key or click the search button.

Step 4: Access the profile information

After the search, a page will show the Instagram account’s personal information, such as the number of followers, location, other profiles, and tags. You will also see the different posts on the account.

Step 5: Download Instagram videos or stories

Use one of the following two techniques to download a particular video or article:

  • Technique 1 :

  1. Go to the SmiHub website (
  2. Tap the “Download from Instagram” link in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Copy the Instagram URL link for the selected image or video.
  4. Comply with the directions given to save the image or video to your device.
  • Technique 2 :

  1. Locate the Instagram story or video you want to download on the profile page of the selected account.
  2. Open the relevant video or story by clicking on it.
  3. Find the SmiHub download option, and then click on it.
  4. Comply with the directions provided to download the story or movie to your device.

You may quickly download Instagram videos and stories using SmiHub by following these steps. 

User Feedback on SmiHub( What Are Users Saying?

We contacted a variety of SmiHub members to get their opinions on the online service. The fact that it is totally free to use is one of the outstanding aspects that won high appreciation.

The ability to conveniently see Instagram stories from any account and quickly save images and videos is another well-liked feature.

Users find SmiHub to be a helpful tool for saving photographs and movies for later viewing given the restrictions placed on the Instagram app when it comes to downloading content.

Additionally, customers value that SmiHub offers thorough account details when looking up a certain login. This function is useful for exploring one’s personal profile or conducting professional analysis.

Users have generally praised SmiHub and praised its free accessibility and user-friendly features for viewing and downloading Instagram content, and the convenience it offers in terms of account analysis.

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The anonymity of SmiHub ( Is it Truly Anonymous?

Absolutely! Your viewing actions are kept secret with SmiHub (, which allows you to browse stories and explore social media profiles without having to log in.

The ability to browse public Instagram profiles and look at tagged posts anonymously without disclosing your name is one of the great features of SmiHub Instagram.

SmiHub’s emphasis on anonymity is a key component. Its unique selling point is that no account is necessary to use its free services.

Additionally, since SmiHub ( does not permit the sharing of images or any other kind of content, there is no chance that your activity will be connected to you. This safeguards your complete anonymity during the entire experience.

SmiHub vs. Are They Distinct Platforms?

SmiHub is currently known as Dumpoir, despite the fact that the website names may differ. Both of these platforms are now in use, and they are nearly identical.

It’s vital to know that the website no longer allows you to browse accounts or view content. Instead, in order to use these capabilities, go to

The platform continues to provide free access to numerous components like comments, stories, videos, and more while maintaining its general functionality and content.

In conclusion, the only significant distinctions between SmiHub and Dumpoir’s platforms are their names and platform changes.

How to Access the SmiHub Website

You can visit on a desktop or mobile device to access the platform. This gives you easy access to see stories and research relevant Instagram profiles.

Given that most users today prefer using their mobile devices for searching and viewing video material, SmiHub’s connectivity with mobile devices is especially useful.

Your IP address and any social media activity are not tracked by SmiHub. You don’t need to worry about the security of your personal information when using the platform because your session is not linked to any specific account.


Among its users, SmiHub has established a reputation as one of the best Instagram viewers. Users have a wide number of options available to them because to the application’s comprehensive range of capabilities, including those provided on both websites.

You now have more options than ever before, whether you’re looking for the most recent Instagram news, exploring Instagram user accounts, or using the Instagram story viewer. The websites for SmiHub and Dumpoir are both trustworthy resources that may be visited without difficulty from desktop or mobile devices.

You now have a simple and cost-free way to browse tagged posts, watch Instagram stories, download videos, and analyze Instagram accounts using SmiHub/Dumpoir. The user experience is further improved by the fact that these services are available without requiring an account.

In a time when it can be difficult to find free tools on social media, Its stands out as a useful and approachable tool. You can use and explore the Instagram story viewer’s capabilities even if you don’t have an account. Try it out right now to see whether it satisfies your demands.